Where Did All The Locals Go?

Thinking back to my teenage years and early 20s I can not help but be flooded by the memories of going out to shows just about every day of the weekend, and by that I mean Thursday-Sunday. Shit, sometimes my friends and I would even hop between venues on the same night. That’s how alive the “scene” was.

So many bands, so many friends in bands, so much support from everyone…. Now that I am in my mid twenties and am on the other side of things (booking/promoting shows) I am left wondering… What the fuck happened?

The LCV always had an overage of local bands to support tours. Hell, we even had many nights where it was locals only and venues would still have a good amount of people out supporting. The
last few years it’s just seemed that the number of local bands and supports has dwindled down… But why?

I know many of us (people my age and older) may have just simply “grown up” & are too busy with life, as life happens. Maybe some just lost interest? Or maybe… Maybe my generation didn’t do a good job of welcoming and paving the road for the younger crowd. Did we fail you? I think we did.

Too many times I have seen/heard older people laugh at, criticize, and turn the other way at younger people simply because… They’re younger. Why do/did we do that? Rather than put ourselves on a pedestal, we should be lifting our youth. They are the ones that are going to continue on. We obviously aren’t gonna be around forever.

So to my fellow friends and older people, I want to encourage you to start lifting up the youth in our communities. Offer your advice and friendship. See that kid trying to play guitar? Show him/her what you know. Share your knowledge. Share stories of the fun stupid shit you and your friends did at your local venues. Offer them rides to shows.

And to my youngins, I would like to encourage you to keep going to shows, keep supporting bands, keep picking up that guitar, bass, drum, mic, pen, whatever it is… Keep at it. You are our future. Don’t let anyone make you feel less simply because you weren’t around in the scene during 2005.

With that being said, start bands, start writing and get back to me so I can get you on some of the shit we are bringing your way. We need locals. We need you. (Lol, but seriously)

Much love,

MVMNT Presents
e. ellie@mvmntpresents.com


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