Heavy Hearts & Thoughts

My heart feels so heavy when I see people I know hurt, especially our youth. Even though my life is far from being dandy, I would gladly take on all the pains and worries so that they wouldn’t have to feel that weight.
I’ve been there, in the dark. I’ve thought those hidden thoughts that lurk behind shadows. I’ve felt pain and loneliness in a crowded room. Even still, I sometimes face those struggles.

If I could somehow take those sad feelings and thoughts… I would, but I am only human, like everyone else. All I can offer is an ear to listen, my honest thoughts & a reminder. A reminder that you were created and brought to life for greatness. A reminder that things DO get better. A reminder that not all is lost. A reminder to keep going.

I’ve never been a popular person. I don’t think people really ever think of me, or even know who I really am, but if any of you ever feel alone, I’ll be you’re friend. I’ll listen.


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